What is the EPO?

Enlightened Perl is an organization which is built around a movement within the Perl community. Its goals are complementary to the Perl Foundation. Specifically, we support certain Perl development efforts that ensure perl’s future as an enterprise-grade development platform. Its aims are:

  • Improvements to the public facing parts of existing Perl projects, including design and content organisation and accessibility, by co-operation with the projects involved to see where their volunteer capacity is lacking;
  • Eliciting the creation and/or improvement of tutorials, screencasts, books, reference documentation, training courses and other accessible documentation to make it easier for new users to get started with modern Perl;
  • Encouraging people to blog their experiences of Perl development, both as individuals and as part of corporations, in order to raise the profile of Perl across the blogosphere and social media aggregators;
  • Simplyfing and streamlining the installation of common “new wave of CPAN” libraries, and applications developed using them, in order to simplify experimentation and deployment;
  • Grants for development of specific pieces of code that scratch no developer’s itch, but make corporate and/or hobbyist adoption of enlightened Perl easier;
  • Production of articles and white papers to provide a senior management level view of the advantages of modern Perl as a platform for new development;
  • Getting organisations already using modern Perl to speak out about their success stories, and helping them to get involved with the community.

Why should I join the EPO?

  • As a company in a competitive global market, it is imperative to find and secure quality development staff. As a sponsoring organization, it is evident that there is a clear understanding of modern Perl and a pledge to support further development. This promotes the idea of an enjoyable working environment, as well as higher success rates tapping into the community channels and the wealth of knowledge present there.
  • As a company with a software development department, the ever growing challenge of finding and securing quality development staff is made more difficult by a competitive global market. Corporate and Organizational sponsorship of EPO is an advertisement for highly talented developers to know they’ll make a good decision working for a company that understands and wants to use modern Perl. Furthermore, showing the community that you support the future development of the language and advocating enlightened development helps establish a foothold in a brilliant and helpful social community, which is centered around knowledge sharing.
  • As an individual, organisation membership shows your commitment to having modern Perl skills that are usable on large, modern projects, and an understanding that maintainability and return on investment beat cool hacks for commercial work any time.
  • As either, membership will allow you to get easy access to the working groups/special interest groups within the Enlightened Perl Organisation and to have a say in the direction of both the organisation itself and of our strategies for putting the time and funds available to us to best use.