The EPO Needs You

Historical Situation

Over the last few years there has been an erosion of the EPO membership. This was primarily a fault with the site management itself as the previous infrastructure suffered from neglect and broke losing the details of the membership and any automatic renewals.

In the interim we were still able to raise funds and support the various community activities that the EPO has become associated with but there was a hole in both funds and people performing tasks.

Renewal and Rebirth

Over the last few months we have rebuilt the entire EPO infrastructure and web presence. We now operate under HTTPS, have a CRM powering the main site and use a revitalised and rebirthed membership system.

However we still need members.

The EPO needs you

This is where we come to all of you. I would like you to join as a member of the EPO. We have two levels of Membership:

Ordinary: You pay a fee of £100 a year and get the right to vote and raise motions in the organisation. You can also serve as an EPO officer.

Special: A community position where you support the goals of the organisation but do not pay a membership fee and therefore cannot vote or raise motions.


Of course you can always donate to the Organisation as well. We accept any donation whether it is to generally supporting the organisation and all its works, or to a specific element such as CPAN Testers, Strawberry Perl, Send-a-Newbie, Perl6 brochures etc.

We run continuous campaigns to raise funds for the infrastructure and initiatives from the organisation and your sponsorship and patronage are very important to making those successful.

There is this quote:

Be the change you want to see in the world

It is wrongly attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, but we like it. It is something we can all do, we can all make a difference, even a small show of support is greatly appreciated.

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