Notes from the Benches

This week (August 7th-11th) we held the first ever Enlightened Perl Hackathon while attending the Perl Conference in Amsterdam. Also at the same event Mark Keating gave a talk on why the EPO needs you.[1] The two were actually intertwined.

The infrastructure that supports the Enlightened Perl Organisation had decayed over a period of time and no longer supported the membership. Specifically there was no way to sign as a member and for the system to safely take your payments and manage you as a member.[2]

Thankfully due to the valiant efforts of:

  • Tom Bloor
  • Chris Jackson
  • Mark Keating
  • Finn Kempers
  • Matt S. Trout

We now have a working site where you can join the organisation as a member once again. Much of the work was done by Tom Bloor who lead a valiant charge to have a working membership to coincide with Mark’s talk.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more features to wholly replicate and enhance the system we have replaced and add more features to support the community and the membership. For now we can only offer our thanks to these guys for getting the site to its current level.

So you may stop reading this now and click the Membership button above and join the Organisation and help us to do good things for the community and the companies we support.


[0] Notes from the Benches was chosen as we started the hacking on the benches at B.Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

[1] Since it is me writing this it always feels unusual to be talking about myself in the third person.

[2] Go watch Mark’s talk or see it at another event to know why that was such an issue.

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