The Return of a Great Idea

The send-a-newbie initiative from the Enlightened Perl Organisation[1] ran for several years until it took a hiatus in 2015. It is a pleasure to announce that it will once again be run this year in time for the Perl Conference in Amsterdam. The initiative will open in March.[2]

The initiative is very simple. Money will be provided towards the cost of sending a new conference attendee(s) to the Perl Conference in Amsterdam. The conditions are:

  1. You must not have been in the programme before;
  2. You must not have attended a major Perl event before;
  3. You would not be able to financially afford to attend without the aid;

There is no other condition on age, preferences or job status. The initiative is intended solely to help people who couldn’t otherwise make it join in with this important community event.

There are limited funds available for the initiative so if you wish to help sponsor or donate to this important community initiative then visit the donations page or contact Mark Keating. The more funds we have available the more persons we can help to attend.

If you have some free tuits and want to help out with any of the planning, paperwork or administration for this or any other EPO initiative then please contact Mark.  A dedicated page for the initiative detailing how to apply will appear on this site to coincide with its official (re-)launch.



[1] Which was originally an idea by Edmund van der Burg.

[2] This is just an advance notification, if you want details sooner then please contact mark at Enlightened Perl {dot} org.

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