A Very Special Relationship

Atikon and the Enlightened Perl Organisation

An Organisation like the EPO relies on a continuous stream of donations, membership and sponsorship to help fund the events and initiatives in the local community. In a previous post I talked about the organisations and individuals who fund the CPAN Testers fund, in this article I want to talk a little bit about Atikon and the partnership* they have with the EPO.

What makes Atikon?

“Our imagination is limitless”

Atikon are an advertising agency from Linz (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linz) in Austria who manage marketing campaigns for mainly doctors and tax counsellors. They have an effective on-site relationship that allows them to tailor their unique services.

They have proven innovations to maximise both their clients images and tools that integrate with their websites and services. It should come as no surprise that they use Perl as part of their modern technology stack to achieve this.

Special Relationship

In August of 2016 Atikon began the start of our special partnership with the Enlightened Perl Organisation. They set up a repeating fund into the Enlightened Perl Accounts which gives us a monthly stipend.

What makes this special?

Without membership, donations and sponsorship the Enlightened Perl Organisation would not survive, however donations to the general organisation as a monthly fund gives us a new element. Like the recurring payments to the CPAN Testers fund it provides stability. A repeat fund means we can manage to plan payments to a number of different projects, it also allows us to have future planning and to maintain the organisations infrastructure.

So far this year funds from Atikon have supported or paid for a number of items such as:

In the coming year, 2017, we will be using funds towards:

  • The CPAN Testers Fund;
  • Strawberry Perl Servers;
  • FOSDEM Promotional Items.

We will also be seeking to restart the send-a-newbie initiative and a new initiative currently called the developer-conference fund (more about that in the New Year).

We are deeply indebted to the good people at Atikon for their support of the EPO and the many parts of the Perl Community we are involved with.

…and Next…

This is the first of these articles there will be a few more coming in the following weeks and months. The EPO is dependent on the large audience of supporters and we hope to share a few of them with you.
* I use the word partnership as that is how they have come to be seen in my eyes. The relationship is long term and they automatically qualify as members, however their continuous support marks them as a partner in the efforts of the organisation

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